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Vortex Data Solutions offer a complete end-to-end structured cabling solution for every application...


Vortex Data Solutions offer a complete end-to-end structured cabling solution for every application. We work with businesses of all sizes and high-end residential developers, installing fibre optic and copper cabling, dependent on data throughput and usage.

Commercial projects require extremely robust networking solutions utilising Cat6 or shielded  Cat6a cabling, for both hard-wired and WiFI applications. Key personnel hold CNCI/CNIT certification with regard to structured cabling.

We are able to carry out copper permanent link testing with industry-standard Fluke DSX5000 test equipment. Operatives hold Fluke CCTT certification.

For residential projects, we fit data cable as well as Coaxial, high quality speaker cable and HDMI. With the advent of smart home technology and high-end AV systems becoming more commonplace, residential connectivity is a huge growth market. We deliver solutions that are perfect especially for home cinema rooms and multi-room AV systems.

The structured data cabling options that we supply are:
• Cat5e - generally used for CCTV 
• Cat6 - for 1Gbps networks, office, commercial and residential (10Gbps for short distance)
• Cat6a - 10 Gbps high speed data networks such as data centres, or in industrial applications where EMI is an issue
• Multimode fibre (OM2/3/4): backbone and building-to-building application, supporting 100Gbps for up to 150m
• Singlemode fibre (OS1/2): long distance high speed data transmission

We use the best quality networking hardware on the market - Excel Networking products - currently the best selling UK brand.   

To find out more about our data cabling installation service or to discuss an upcoming project, please contact us on or call 0333 772 1064